Karolina Słup – Portugalia

Southern Portugal is a wondrous and mysterious land. In a wintertime, its foggy afternoons and magnificent twilight sky weave their magic on curious travellers. Empty roads wind their way through three-coloured cork oak forests. Sintra looks like as if it had been taken out of a fairy tale – boasting numerous palaces and sculptures covered in velvety moss. Elvas isn’t just another town, but a star-like fort, while Monsaraz mesmerises visitors with its golden evenings and splendid panoramic view. It’s all in-between mystical nature and dreamy hotels’ interiors. Not to mention a beach in Faro, where I enjoyed the freshest fish and an eye-opening philosophical conversation with a bunch of friendly strangers, just 10 metres from the ocean. That night a full moon was up and the silver sand was glowing.